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Men's Health
The Art of Manliness
The Modest Man
Noura Is the 'Survivor' Gift That Keeps on Giving
20 HRS AGO - Here's how fans reacted to her hilarious gameplay last night.
Brogue Battle: Who Makes The Best Sub-$200 Brogued Dress Shoes?
1 DAY AGO - Which direct-to-consumer shoe company makes the best brogued dress shoe for under $200? This Expand
Hands-On Lorier Neptune Review: Is It Worth $400? - The Modest Man
2 DAYS AGO - Thinking about buying a dive watch from Lorier? Read this hands on Lorier Neptune review before Expand
How Billy Dee Williams Got Back in Star Wars Shape at 82
2 DAYS AGO - The actor worked with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson to prep for Lando Calrissian's return.
The ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Score Just Leaked and It’s Full of Possible Spoilers
2 DAYS AGO - Details from the movie's theme music might have just given away some major plot points.
How Sterling K. Brown Plans to Live to 100
2 DAYS AGO - You probably recognize him from 'This Is Us' or 'Black Panther,' but you don't really know Expand
Eddie Hall Takes on World's Strongest Woman Winner in a 'Pound-for-Pound Challenge
19 HRS AGO - You might be surprised by who crushed the most reps in this competition.
Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen Almost Reunited as Villains in ‘The Batman’
20 HRS AGO - We'll have to keep waiting for the 'Knocked Up' reunion.
Under Armour Made Spacesuits for Virgin Galactic's Space Tourists
1 DAY AGO - The kits include lots of the same athletic performance tech that you're probably already using.
Kevin Feige's Marvel Promotion Could Mean Some Major MCU Crossovers
1 DAY AGO - Feige is now Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, and speculation has already begun for how that will Expand
This Partner Med Ball Battle Rope Workout Will Push You to the Limit
2 DAYS AGO - Build athleticism and get a fun sweat with this 5-part workout from ex-NFL star Demarcus Ware.
Here's the Truth Behind Those Emergency Calls on '9-1-1
2 DAYS AGO - Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.
The Thirst Is Real for Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman
2 DAYS AGO - Her casting alongside Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman' has fans already feeling the chemistry.
The Main Villain in 'Watchmen' Is White Supremacy
3 DAYS AGO - Showrunner Damon Lindelof finally explained in a series of Instagram comments.
Here’s What Daniel Radcliffe Could Look Like as the MCU’s Wolverine
20 HRS AGO - Fans are imagining the Harry Potter star as one of the most famous X-Men.
40 Actors You Probably Didn't Know Were British
1 DAY AGO - Superman? Batman? Spiderman? Seriously?
‘Watchmen’ Star Tim Blake Nelson Could Barely See Through His Mirror-Faced Mask
1 DAY AGO - The longtime character actor tells Men's Health his goal was to see 40% of what his scene partner Expand
Jason Momoa Thinks He’s ‘Not Known For Acting’ and ‘Not ‘Very Smart’’
1 DAY AGO - The 'See' and 'Aquaman' star is underselling both his skill and his charm.
How to Do Parkour: Parkour for Beginners | The Art of Manliness
2 DAYS AGO - Parkour for beginner's guide. Be a ninja warrior this afternoon after reading this.
Chris Hemsworth Says a Complete Script for ‘Endgame’ Doesn't Exist
2 DAYS AGO - The actor just revealed that nobody in the cast had a full script for the entire time they were Expand
The Mandalorian' Probably Won't Feature Boba Fett
2 DAYS AGO - But we still can't close the book on the fan-favorite character for sure.
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